​Durban is a city committed to creating a climate friendly and sustainable environment. Numerous projects have been conducted to ensure that we remain responsible and environmentally friendly in our approaches to doing business.

From the landfill gas to electricity projects to retrofitting traffic lights with LED lights, Durban is making a true effort to mitigate and adapt to climate change. 
The project in Durban which sees landfill waste converted into 7.5MWh of power using hydroelectric turbines has showcased Durban’s tremendous sustainability efforts. Other programmes that have contributed to Durban’s energy saving efforts include the wonder bag cooker, solar mapping, forecasting and subsidies that drive the industry.

Durban, who has hosted the COP17, is well known internationally for development and sustainability of the environment. The Energy Department at eThekwini Municipality runs numerous initiatives towards sustainable living such as the Sustainable Living Exhibition, and grassroots agricultural enterprises in Umbumbulu. 


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