Economic Development in Africa

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently released its Economic Development in Africa Report 2012. The report outlines the need for real change in Africa’s economic growth path through truly sustainable development. For the full report go to:
Global city competitiveness

In 2012, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked the competitiveness of global cities according to their demonstrated ability to attract capital, business, talent and visitors. In this index Johannesburg occupied the 67th most competitive position out of 120 global cities, while Cape Town occupied the 73rd position and Durban 94th position respectively. Report by Deloitte
SA Economy: Latest trends

South Africa's current account recorded its largest deficit in nearly four years in the second quarter of 2012 as exports fell because of subdued external demand that is likely to hit manufacturing throughout the rest of the year. The central bank also said labour unrest in the mining sector - in particular, fallout from the police shooting of 34 striking miners at a platinum mine last month - might cause economic growth to slump in the third quarter. For the full article detailing these trends and others see:

Job creation in Africa

Africa needs job creation. This is reinforced by the latest Kinsey report about the continent which states, among other things, that “by implementing a five-part strategy to accelerate the pace of job creation, we estimate that Africa could add as many as 72 million new wage-paying jobs over the next decade [2020]”. For full details and access to the report go to
Clean technology businesses on the rise

Grant Thornton’s latest business report demonstrates the importance of the green business sector. It highlights some of the key needs and mass opportunities of clean technology businesses. See for more details.