The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry released in June 2013, a paper on the business vision of local economic development. The paper aims to challenge the local business community in the eThekwini region, which the Chamber represents, to apply its mind on what the City requires over the next decade and further. The Chamber also wishes to establish a vision that will direct its strategy in years to come, to enhance its relevance in the context of local economic growth. The document recognises the word ‘City’ as a body of institutions which comprise of the public sector, private sector and civil society. It sees economic development to be well understood by the private sector, as this sector harbours the engine for economic growth, whilst the public sector is responsible for ensuring the conduciveness of business activity in the environment. The document also highlights the need for a more pro-active role to be played in assisting the unemployed youth, and creating stronger working relations within business and local academic institutions. The Chamber’s vision for the City also includes international recognition by tourists and investors, and looking further at greener ways of doing business in order to uplift the poor, providing employment and improving social cohesion. The business vision is summarised in ten goals and identifies the achievement of economic development as not just the Municipality’s responsibility, but that of everyone who lives and works in the City.

National Youth Day brings to the fore the numerous challenges facing the youth of South Africa today while commemorating the sacrifice of many young people during the Apartheid struggle. For the national address by President Jacob Zuma please see:

Youth unemployment and exclusion from the economy is one of the biggest obstacles faced by young people in South Africa. The controversial ‘youth wage subsidy’ has not been implemented to date and instead, a suite of interventions have been put forward in the Youth Employment Accord. For the Youth Employment Accord (signed in April 2013 by social partners) please see: