Rio +20 Conference

20 years on from the first ever Earth Summit held in Rio in 1992, just over 29 000 people gathered to discuss global sustainability. Crucially, one of the conferences main themes was the ‘green economy in the context of sustainable development poverty eradication’. The conference, ending on 22nd June 2012 had mixed results: for some it was an important step but for others it fell far short. Some of the main outcomes and commitments were as follows:

• More than $513 billion mobilized in commitments for sustainable development, including in the areas of energy, transport, green economy, disaster reduction, desertification, water, forests and agriculture.

• 692 voluntary commitments for sustainable development registered by governments, business, civil society groups, universities and others.

• The document entitled ‘The Future We Want’.

• The plan to set Sustainable Development Goals similar to the Millennium Development Goals.

For more information on the outcomes and various reports on a number of sustainability/green economy issues go to: