Agricultural Boycotts could harm SA
The Chamber of Commerce said a boycott was likely to do permanent damage to the agricultural sector of the Western Cape. Once alternate suppliers entrenched themselves in the market it would be very difficult for South Africa to regain the confidence of customers and recapture lost ground. For the full article, please see:

Cabinet continues to mull Telkom future
Despite statements by the Department of Communications (DoC) that the future of embattled telecommunications group Telkom would be decided by the end of last year the potential options for the South African group remained in the hands of Cabinet. For further details, please go to:

The fragmented unemployment debate
In this paper Frederick Fourie (2012) argues that the debate on unemployment is fragmented into at least three sub-discourses, i.e. those of macroeconomists, labour economists and poverty analysts. This results in inconclusive analyses and narrow, flawed proposals to address the problem. This fragmentation feeds into the policy field. Sustainable and consistent remedies for unemployment and poverty will require an integrated analysis that covers the formal sector, the informal economy and survivalist activities – and especially linkages and barriers between these segments.
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