The Research and Policy Advocacy Department is in the Office of Strategy Management within the Office of the City Manager.​

To develop innovative research and policy foundation for the city to enhance evidence-based decision-making with the view to support eThekwini’s vision of becoming Africa’s most caring and liveable city by 2030
The functions of the Research and Policy Advocacy Department are:

  • Undertake multi-sectoral research;
  • Undertake primary quantitaltive, qualitative and spatial research;
  • Conduct secondary research; and
  • Provide technical research assistance and support to Units of the Municipality as required.
  • Liaise with various Units and line Departments on policy formulation;
  • Provide policy technical advice to the Municipal departments;
  • Promote and facilitate policy writing in the Municipality;
  • Support the strategic development of eThekwini policy competence.
  • Organise Seminars;
  • Prepare Research and Policy Briefs;
  • Representation at various internal municipal committees and symposiums.